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3D Business Icons
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3D Business Icons is a collection of stock images representing all kinds of business related objects and concepts. All the icons are created by professional 3D designers and represent the highest quality possible. This icon set is ready for coming Windows 8.

Each icon in the collection is presented in 7 resolutions: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512 pixels. The 32-bit color scheme (16.7 million colors) with alpha-channel transparency is used. Normal, highlighted, and disabled versions of each icon are supplied. Image formats include a variety of Windows and platform independent formats such as BMP, ICO and PNG. Source files in 3D Max format are also available for purchase.

business icons

3D Business Icons

Business icons
Business SH icons
Business SH
Businessman icons
Businessman SH icons
Businessman SH
Boss icons
Boss SH icons
Boss SH
Client list icons
Client list
Client list SH icons
Client list SH
Customers icons
Customers SH icons
Customers SH
Spy icons
Spy SH icons
Spy SH
Motor mechanic icons
Motor mechanic
Motor mechanic SH icons
Motor mechanic SH
Guard icons
Guard SH icons
Guard SH
Doctor icons
Doctor SH icons
Doctor SH
Dollar icons
Dollar SH icons
Dollar SH
Investment icons
Investment SH icons
Investment SH
Coins icons
Coins SH icons
Coins SH
Cash icons
Cash SH icons
Cash SH
Income icons
Income SH icons
Income SH
Bank icons
Bank SH icons
Bank SH
Bank service icons
Bank service
Bank service SH icons
Bank service SH
Earnings icons
Earnings SH icons
Earnings SH
Invoice icons
Invoice SH icons
Invoice SH
Purchase icons
Purchase SH icons
Purchase SH
Credit icons
Credit SH icons
Credit SH
ATM icons
ATM  SH icons
Brief case icons
Brief case
Brief case SH icons
Brief case SH
Calculator icons
Calculator SH icons
Calculator SH
Card file icons
Card file
Card file SH icons
Card file SH
Calendar icons
Calendar SH icons
Calendar SH
Tasks icons
Tasks SH icons
Tasks SH
Cash register icons
Cash register
Cash register SH icons
Cash register SH
Safe icons
Safe SH icons
Safe SH
Insurance icons
Insurance SH icons
Insurance SH
Company icons
Company SH icons
Company SH
Hospital icons
Hospital SH icons
Hospital SH
Home icons
Home SH icons
Home SH
Chemical industry icons
Chemical industry
Chemical industry SH icons
Chemical industry SH
Research icons
Research SH icons
Research SH
Delivery icons
Delivery SH icons
Delivery SH
Taxi icons
Taxi SH icons
Taxi SH
Cargo icons
Cargo SH icons
Cargo SH
Ship icons
Ship SH icons
Ship SH
Boat icons
Boat SH icons
Boat SH
Airplane icons
Airplane SH icons
Airplane SH
Freight carrier icons
Freight carrier
Freight carrier SH icons
Freight carrier SH
Small aircraft icons
Small aircraft
Small aircraft SH icons
Small aircraft SH
Ecology icons
Ecology SH icons
Ecology SH
Travel icons
Travel SH icons
Travel SH
Gear icons
Gear SH icons
Gear SH
Globe icons
Globe SH icons
Globe SH
VAT icons
VAT SH icons
Good mark icons
Good mark
Good mark SH icons
Good mark SH
Handshake icons
Handshake SH icons
Handshake SH
Wow effect icons
Wow effect
Wow effect SH icons
Wow effect SH
Contact icons
Contact SH icons
Contact SH
Mobile phone icons
Mobile phone
Mobile phone SH icons
Mobile phone SH
News icons
News SH icons
News SH
Ship to icons
Ship to
Ship to SH icons
Ship to SH
Bill to icons
Bill to
Bill to SH icons
Bill to SH
Weight icons
Weight SH icons
Weight SH
Product icons
Product SH icons
Product SH
Gun icons
Gun SH icons
Gun SH
Weapon icons
Weapon SH icons
Weapon SH
Mission icons
Mission SH icons
Mission SH
Advertising icons
Advertising SH icons
Advertising SH
Medicine icons
Medicine SH icons
Medicine SH
First aid icons
First aid
First aid SH icons
First aid SH
Fire icons
Fire SH icons
Fire SH
Competitor icons
Competitor SH icons
Competitor SH
Satellite TV icons
Satellite TV
Satellite TV SH icons
Satellite TV SH
Network audit icons
Network audit
Network audit SH icons
Network audit SH
Refresh passwords icons
Refresh passwords
Refresh passwords SH icons
Refresh passwords SH
Industry icons
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Large Icons - Available 3d and Graphics Designs!

Are you looking for the best icons collection for your desktop? Well, it's the only name large icons where you can find many 3D graphical design of icons. The main benefits the user can get from the large icons are complete segment of their desire icons in complete sets. In this regard, they can save much money that required in case separate segment. You can fulfill all your desire of the icons like the business, financial, architectural and education by choose the collection of the large icons. You can also find different format of the large graphic icons like the PNG, BMP and GIF, so you can's never required to change your desktop setting by select it. These large icons have designed by the software experts that much focus on it corner shape as well as size according to the requirement. These large icons are offering the quick access to the users in their every application. You would like to have input in design process so icons will actually reflect on what your organisation and website is all about. Way to make sure that your large icon designs should meet your requirements in each way is to make perfect project brief.

It is very important to make brief, which is clear & outlines finer details in early stages, since this can allow designer to interpret on what you in fact, want instead improvising all along its way. To work with the designer to devise the project brief can allow you build the good relationship with all of them, and it means you may an take reigns.

Set out technical requirements in brief

It is good to get technical details out of way, so you may very easily establish on what is & is not appropriate while it comes to creative stage, which follows. Example, you might need the icons to come not just on the computer software applications however on the stationery, where case the designer must know to make the high resolution and scalable vector set ups. While making the large icons for the software application, you have to know if it can support format of the finished icon set. Few program suites are not at all compatible with common PNG set up, thus you might have to explore the alternatives like BMP, ICO or XAML vector format.

Popular Icon Downloads

Large Weather Icons Large Weather Icons depict a number of weather conditions that are common for software, weather Web sites, and mobile gadgets. The icons are supplied in typical sizes standard to Windows, Mac OS, and other platforms. The largest versions are huge 512x512 pixel images with vector sources in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format easily affordable and ready to be printed or used in presentations in highest resolution.

Medical Icons for Vista Medical Icons for Vista has been design to avoid any misconceptions arising while looking at a medical webpage or operating a medical software. The images are available in various sizes and formats.

Vista Toolbar Icons Vista Toolbar Icons. A collection of practical and eye catching icons representing all basic operations required for surfing the internet or using various applications.

Basic Icons for Vista Basic Icons for Vista is a pack of sleek and polished icons designed in the same style as the original Vista icons. The icons come in two versions: with or without shadows.

Large Home Icons Large Home Icons set contains images for all the types of buildings, houses, architectural decorations and homes you can think of. This collection had beed professionally created to present bright colored stylish icons for any architecture or map application.