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Such minutes Pitt presumed to itself last and not too tiresome luxury - pity to itself. It is impossible to tell that he would like to change all life from the very beginning. He always wished to become the commissioner because has been assured that nobody can operate the Rotor better It. It has not changed the opinion and after has held this post.

Why on all Rotor it is impossible to find anybody who would be so far-sighted, how it? The rotor has left Solar system fourteen years ago, and till now even after its most detailed explanations nobody can understand the obvious.

Sooner or later (is faster early) in Solar system also will open hyperassistance, and it is possible, and its any more perfect variant. Sooner or later millions and billions people on hundreds and thousand settlements will depart to submit the Galaxy. It will be severe time. Certainly, the Galaxy is huge. How many time reminded it of it? And behind its limits there are other star congestions. But the mankind will not occupy in regular intervals all space. Always it will appear that for this or that reason one star system is better other, and always the first star system will be an envy and struggle subject. Let somewhere there are ten star systems and ten settlements, departed on searches of new vital space; and all the same interests of all ten settlements will by all means concentrate at one and only by one of them.

Sooner or later people from Solar system will find out Nemezidu, and spaceships will rush here. Whether the Rotor in such circumstances can survive?

Can, but only in the event that they will have enough time if they have time to create a strong civilisation and in reasonable limits to expand the possession. And if at them will be even more time, they can extend the power and to the next stars. If is not present - will be enough and one Nemezidy, but it is necessary for transforming into a fortress.

But only Pitt understood it. It one bore all weight of responsibility. Certainly, he can live still quarter of the century and all this time to remain in power as the commissioner or the oldest adviser behind who always will be last word. And still eventually he will die. To whom can it bequeath the foresight? Pitt has felt pity to itself. It worked so much years, it will work still many long years, but till now anybody and has not valued it according to the merits. And business of all his life anyhow will ruin, because the greatest idea can sink at the ocean of mediocrity constantly lapping at those feet few to whom it allowed to glance in the far future.

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