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Large Money Icons
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 Large Money Icons

Automobile Loan Icon Images

Automobile Loan Icon

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Automobile Loan icon
Automobile Loan Icon
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Consider the initial data once again cited above, but now complicate a situation, having added with its factor of taxes to incomes. The government taxes your incomes in the form of percent, but does not do the discount for payment of percent which it is necessary to pay to you.

Begin with the figure of the net profit calculated by you (C); do not forget that it can be expressed by negative size.

() = ____ Take figure of your incomes of percent () (A) = ____

Increase it by 50 percent of the tax to incomes (the tax size can vary depending on a total sum of incomes).

(A) it 50 % = ____ (E)

Now subtract size (E) from size (C) to learn, how much money you will earn or will lose taking into account payment of taxes.

(C) A minus (E) = ____ (F) How much money you will earn or will lose for ten years? (F) it 10 years = ____ (G) ANSWERS:

E = $200; you will pay 200 dollars of the tax to the income of percent on your contribution provided that the tax rate will make 50 percent.

F = to loss of $700 (or - $700); taking into account payment of surtax you will lose for a year of 700 dollars, that is will pay for 700 dollars more in the form of percent on the loan for the car, than will receive percent from the contribution after tax payment.

G = to loss of $7000; for ten years you will lose 7000 dollars. At you remains 10 thousand on savings to the bill and 10 thousand consumer loan, but you should pay for 7000 dollars of more money in the form of percent and taxes, than you will receive for ten years.


The simple analysis of the above-stated example shows that such plan of an investment of money it is impossible to name the reasonable. Unfortunately, very many people follow this plan, without realising its consequences. Here some ways of its improvement.

Idle time. Use 10 thousand on savings to the bill for payment of the consumer loan in 10 thousand. As a result you will cease to lose money. You not will neither receive, nor to pay percent.

Average complexity. Taking 10 thousand from the savings bill, find and buy such actives which will provide sufficient inflow of money for payment of percent on the consumer loan. It is necessary to find such object of investments which will give you 900 dollars of the income a year. If to depict this situation differently your profit (900 dollars) on the invested capital (10 thousand dollars) will make 9 percent (900 dollars to divide on 10 thousand). Ability to calculate profit on the invested capital necessarily for any investor. As a result your actives will pay your passives, in this case the consumer loan. (The surtax factor in this example is not considered, because taxes to the bought actives can strongly differ.)

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