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Fundamental Differences between Vector icons, Graphics and Raster

Hopefully, you are now clear between the fundamental difference between vector and raster graphics. Though we should remember that vector editors usually send raster images into a vector graphic and vice versa: Corel Draw can send vector files into raster ones.

In order to process, view and store image in to your computer, it should be presented using its digital format. There are several ways on how the image or the words description can be represented. The easiest way is to explain each of the elements of an image (pixel or point) individually. A description of its color is a description of a point. All images exemplified in this manner in the computer are called raster pictures. There is specific software that was developed and enhanced in order to edit these images: Raster Graphic Editors (painters, Photoshop, GIMP and MS paint). All of this software can view pictures and possible make few corrections by adjusting the color balance, contrast and brightness. There are also other image editor software that can insert drawing and other images (usually done in making collages). Adobe Photoshop is the most popular among other editors. Though, making an image from scratch using the mentioned software can be a bit complex, though it is doable. For task like this, it is recommended to use the vector editing software.

Vector pictures are presented by statistical formula. The elements of an image are presented as objects (figures, lines et cetera) not as pixels. In order to know if the object is a line, you will need to identify to both ends of the coordinates. For raster pictures, you need to specify both ends of the line. Larger description means has thicker lines which mean it contains more points. It is a lot simpler to create an image from scratch using this software especially in creating plans, schemes and poster-like pictures (i.e. do not contain gradual color transitions). However, it can be a bit difficult in making a clean painting or quality picture. CorelDraw is the leader amongst vector software such as Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Freehand.

One of the common problems of Raster pictures is scaling. The image loses its quality if the size of the image is enlarged. You normally see granularity when the picture is zoomed in. If you want to retain the quality of the graphics, then you need to store a larger amount of disk space. A vector image roughly does not rely on its scale in order to preserve its quality, which means that a larger scale does not add up to the amount of the space needed. This is indeed the major benefit of vector images.

The flow of the growth of graphic software is to conquer several areas wherein they are not yet developed. Therefore vector and raster aims to merge each otherís tools and comprehensiveness. At the present time, Photoshop is not considered a 100 percent raster editor: likewise, CorelDraw has great abilities to process raster images. Presently, documents are now made using combined software having several objects, dissimilar in its description (like text fields, vector images, raster et cetera). Documents can accommodate details about transparency and layers of most image areas and so on. Hence, documents containing graphical images may have a difficult structure.

Some people who are new to graphics editing may find it complex to identify the appropriate editing software to use. It is a common situation where they tend to use technologies natural vector editors when working with raster editors and vice versa. A professional in terms of graphic editing knows which editor to use. It has both vector and raster editor at hands. This is why our book explains both kinds of editors: Vector Flash and Raster Photoshop. We picked Photoshop due to its popularity and functionality. We also chose Flash because it is a convenient and easy vector editor, has a convenient and incredibly useful tools that can be used in creating animations and its ability to display output files by a browser.

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